Professionalism and absolute discretion guaranteed. I continue to prepare and learn daily to be more professional every day. I don’t do any practice that I don’t control 100%. I want to transmit the maximum security and confidence based on the basis of BDSM: SSC (healthy, safe and consensual) together with the hygiene that is required in addition to the necessary materials and toys. I will never put the physical and mental integrity of the submissive at risk.

  • Adoration of the mistress: caresses, kisses… In hands, feet, armpits, shoes, nails…
  • Ballbusting: kicks, punches, knees, fists… On genitals. Depending on the level of each one, I will increase the intensity and change my technique. With bare feet, with a whip, with a fist, with a flogger, with a knee.
  • Bondage: ties with ropes, shackles, cords, belt, webbing, adhesive tapes…
  • Butler, servitude: you will be my servant or that of my guests if It arises. You will be my butler and do the housework under my supervision.
  • Candle wax: you will feel the warmth of the wax all over your body . It doesn’t have to leave marks.
  • Chastity control (Cage): chastity belt, orgasm control both remotely and in person. It Will be at the time that I want and in the most humiliating way that occurs to me at the time.
  • Cock crush: stepping on the penis whith or whithout heels.
  • Cross- dressing, transformation, sissy: I Will dress you. I will make you up. I will put on a wig and I Will teach you how a woman should behave and how to walk in heels. You could become an excellent bitch or an excellent sissy.
  • Electro torture: electricity games.
  • English discipline: spanking the rear with the hand, ruler, rod, whip…
  • Facesitting: control your breath while I ‘m sitting on your face . You can’ t lick the mistress . It will never be done directly. It will always be done with clothes on.
  • Face slapping: different intensity. Used as humiliation and punishment.
  • Femdom time: you can enjoy an entertaining dinner, lunch, coffee…with me. Inside or outside my Cabinet.
  • Fetishism: feet, shoes, boots, nails, leather, latex, vinyl, panties, stockings…
  • Findom: I accept gifts and financial details from all of you . I am very capricious.
  • Forced-bi: sessions with another submissive in which each one will be the other’s sexual object under my supervision, orders, punishments and whim. (prior consultation for availability).
  • Genital punishment: torture such as binding, kicking, wax, ice, tweezers, cigar, etc.
  • Golden shower: on the body directly, on the face, in a bowl, in an elegant glass, in shots…
  • Human furniture: you will be my table, my lamp, my chair, my costo rack, my cushion, be my Christmas tree.
  • Human PET: animal treatment ( dog, pork, horse…).
  • Humiliation: physical and verbal. They will also be held publicly in store shoes, cafes, sex shops, parties, in front of other known people. The public ones will always be after consultation and consensus.
  • Ice: torture and punishment all over the body.
  • Internments: in my cabinet. Whole night, weekend or whole days. Feel my slave 24/7.
  • Munmification: body wrap with plastic or latex sack to deprive you of your senses.
  • Nipple torture: I do it with my nails , twee zers, cigarette, wax, ice…
  • On-line sessions: I do them by WhatsApp in audios or video calls with my camera dark to avoid screenshots. My privacy is also important.
  • Rol playing: mother – son, teacher – student, boss – intern, director of reformatory – rebellious adolescent, policewoman – detained, kidnapper – kidnapped.
  • Sensory deprivation: I will cancel part of your senses.
  • Smoking fetish: you will be my human ashtray and the one who receives my smoke un face and month.
  • Sodomy: first, I will dilate you well and then I will use any object that occurs to me to insert It ( strap-on, dildos, my heels, flowers…) . In addition to my spectacular fucking machine it has increible power plus many sizes.
  • Spanking: with my hand, shovel, flogger, whip, rules, rod, slipper, flip flop, shoes…
  • Spitting: I will spit all over your body , face, month…
  • Suction cups: I will draw on your body what I like.
  • Tame animals: Tame animals physically and mentally to modify their behavior ( dog, Horse, pork…).
  • Tickling: torture you until you can’ t laugh anymore.
  • Trampling: I will pass you as if you were my carpet with one foot or both , with or without shoes, It depends on what you can hold.
  • Tweezers: plastic or japanese. Pleasant and cruel, especially when removing them.

Practices I don’t do:

  • No conventional sex
  • No sessions with minors
  • No sessions with people with any mental or physical impairment
  • No zoophilia
  • No erotic fight
  • No medical
  • No scatology
  • I don’t give enemas
  • I don’t play adult baby roles
  • I do not hold sessions for people who come under the influence of alcohol or under the influence of any psychotropic subtance or narcotic drugs

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