Additional information:

I do sessions with third parties, carry out a fantasy, online session, public sessions, internments or prolonged sessions and I move to other communities. For any of them contact me before.

You should know that I am a profesional because of the years of experience and continuous training.

My sessions are always: healthy, safe and consensual, whith the hygiene they requires.

I do not any practice that I do not control 100%. I never put the physical or mental integrity of the submissive at risk.

I ask for the same things that I offer: privacy, discretion and respect.

I achieve that the submissive and I living an unique and unforgettable experience in addition to being well done.

To hold a session:

To agree a session , you must download my playlist (below). Mark your preferences in practice. Tell me your limits and any important information about injuries, illness or medications. In comments, you can tell me your fetishes or any preferences regarding the wardrobe. Also, you must download and accept the behaviur and safety PDF.

Once completed, you can send It to my email along with your time and day preference.

Once reviewed, I will answer you by email to finish agreeing and specifying.

In the sessions, I will take into account your preferences and I will always respect the limits but I will play whatever I want that day or at that time.

Depending on what you transmit to me, It will be of greater or lesser intensity and I will always go from less to more.

Rules of security and behavior

You must bear in mind that my cabinet is located 36 km from the center of Madrid (in the mountain range).

There is a possibility that you rent a dungeon in the center and I can move but, consult me.

Before and after each session, we will talk for a few minutes to get know each other better.

My limits :

  • NO SEX
  • NO erotic fight
  • NO practices with animals or minors, or people with any physical or mental impairment
  • NO scat
  • NO medical
  • NO sessions with any person who comes under the influence of alcohol or under the influence of any type of narcotic or psychotropic

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